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Church 124-0200

Church 124-0200
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124-0200 - Eljer Emblem Regular Square-Front Plastic Toilet Seat
  • click on the "SPEC PAGE" link for dimensions and specifications
  • color matched "locked-in" hinges prevent wobbling
  • regular closed front plastic toilet seat with cover for "Eljer Emblem Series"

Starting At: $40.42

more details: Click Here
toilet seat - sizing guide: Click Here
color reference chart: Click Here

Bemis Regular Square Closed Front Plastic seat with Cover for Eljer Emblem Series

 UPC Code: 124-0200-000
Color (Shade): White
Retail Price Web Price    
$40.42 $40.42

 UPC Code: 124-0200-036
Color (Shade): Natural
Retail Price Web Price    
$47.54 $47.54

 UPC Code: 124-0200-024
Color (Shade): Twilight Blue
Retail Price Web Price    
$47.54 $47.54

 UPC Code: 124-0200-047
Color (Shade): Onyx(Black)
Retail Price Web Price    
$47.54 $47.54

 UPC Code: 124-0200-148
Color (Shade): Sandalwood
Retail Price Web Price    
$47.54 $47.54

 UPC Code: 124-0200-162
Color (Shade): Platinum
Retail Price Web Price    
$47.54 $47.54

 UPC Code: 124-0200-213
Color (Shade): Peach Bisque
Retail Price Web Price    
$47.54 $47.54

 UPC Code: 124-0200-303
Color (Shade): Dusty Rose
Retail Price Web Price    
$47.54 $47.54

 UPC Code: 124-0200-304
Color (Shade): Glacier Blue
Retail Price Web Price    
$47.54 $47.54

 UPC Code: 124-0200-346
Color (Shade): Biscuit
Retail Price Web Price    
$47.54 $47.54

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